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Claim your refund during your shopping experience

Don't wait to leave the country to get your money back

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How it works

Every year, tourists to the EU leave behind €23 billion in refundable VAT (Value Added Tax).
Don’t be one of them! Use TaxFreeNow and claim your refund in 3 easy steps.


Step one

Take a picture of your purchase receipts and invoices


Step two

Claim refund and get confirmation via the App


Step three

Your money is on its way to you within 5 minutes

We are different and in a great way

No lines

Our fully digital mobile app help skip the lines, including the ones at the airport.

No forms

No need to go through Customs, unless requested

More money

TaxFreeNow handling fee is the lowest and most transparent in the field.

At all stores

Get your refund at any store. Not just large stores

Safe & Reliable

We work with local governments and secure the safety of your personal information

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